STEAM Nature Clubs & Camps

Get Your Students Outside & Learning After School!


STEAM Nature Clubs & Camps

We hire parents and community members to provide our STEAM Nature Clubs and Camps as afterschool programs at schools.


Our educators are trained in outdoor teaching, local ecology, outdoor safety, and get background checks before working with students.


Schedules for our clubs and camps are easily amendable to fit your time table and needs.


Our goal is to provide amazing outdoor STEAM programs for all kids in New Mexico and we're able to do that by hiring local parents who are already invested in your school and community.

"I had so much fun providing STEAM Nature Clubs at my daughter's school! I was able to learn about our local ecosystem in a deeper and more meaningful way, and share that knowledge with my students. " - Gabriella G. - Parent at a Local School


Nature Matters Academy provides curriculum and programs for parents and teachers. It was built for kids, with kids.


It works well anywhere - in the classroom  (well, OUTSIDE the classroom), in out-of-school-time programs, and at home.

We're critical thinking. We're self-regulation. We're outdoors. We're STEAM. We're fun. We're hands-on. We're nature.


Real Experiences.

Real Learning.

Real Fun.

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