Practice STEAM & Social/Emotional Learning Outside!


Understanding  Ecosystems Bundle

The “Understanding Local Ecosystems” curriculum bundle will help your kids learn about the ecosystem that’s right outside their door. Through hands-on, outdoor activities, they'll explore local plants and discover how local animals use them. Using a systems approach, your kids will build a physical model of your ecosystem  so they understand that everything is connected and plays an important role in this world (including themselves!).


"This is PERFECT for 5th graders because it covers most NGSS standards for my students. Plus, we get outside every week, learn about our local ecosystem, and journal about our experiences. Plus, it incorporates social emotional learning! I couldn't have asked for a better curriculum!" - Jennifer F. - 5th Grade Teacher


The Science of Growing Bundle

“The Science of Growing” curriculum bundle will help your kids understand HOW plants grow by using hands-on, engaging activities. We make learning about botany, biology, chemistry, and physics EASY by providing you with step-by-step experiments. You'll find that every walk outside and every meal prepared at home will provide opportunities for you to talk about what you're learning together. After learning how plants grow, your kids will apply the idea of growth to their own mindsets!


"My students loved this curriculum. They got to take abstract concepts that they already knew a little about, then learn the science behind them - like how plants drink water. Everything was hands-on, engaging, and outside. The students loved being able to learn outside while also caring for our school garden." - Julie A.  - Middle School Science Teacher


All About Insects Bundle

The "All About Insects" curriculum bundle will help your students have a better understanding of insects and what makes different groups of insects unique. The students will collect and record data like a real scientist. They’ll capture insects outside so they can observe their anatomy and behavior. All our activities are hands-on and outdoors, so the students are guaranteed to have a good time while learning about insects!


"My students love being outdoors, but it's hard to find curriculum that supports outdoor learning for teachers. LOVE these lessons and watching my students' eye light up when I told them we'd be learning about insects all semester - ha!" - Jessica R. - 3rd Grade Teacher


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We're critical thinking. We're self-regulation. We're outdoors. We're STEAM. We're fun. We're hands-on. We're nature.


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