Develop an Outdoor Learning Strategy That Works for You!


Teacher Workshop - Outdoor Learning

In our workshop "How to Develop An Outdoor Learning Strategy That Actually Works" we help teachers develop an individualized strategy that fits their classroom culture and school policies.


If you're interested in:

  • Taking lessons outside,
  • Using the local environment to teach STEAM,
  • Integrating place-based education into your curriculum,
  • Connecting kids to their local ecosystem & community, or
  • Integrating NM STEM Ready! Standards into your lessons,

Then this workshop is perfect for you and your team!


We Focus on 4 Priorities of Outdoor Learning:

  1. Outdoor Learning Culture in Your Classroom (or School)
  2. Outdoor Learning Logistics & Safety
  3. Outdoor Learning Tools To Ensure Success
  4. Advocating for Outdoor Learning in Your School & Community

This workshop can be adapted to fit your needs and your schedule. With all 4 topics together, it's a great 6 hour professional development workshop. However, if you're looking for something shorter, we can pull out different pieces and customize it based on your needs.


Please reach out! Let us know what you need and we'll customize the workshop so you get the results you're looking for.

"This workshop was amazing and EXACTLY what I needed. I've been wanting to be more purposeful with outdoor learning for years, but COVID finally spurred me to take the leap. I'm so glad I did. The skills and tools I learned during this workshop set me up for success. I can't tell you how much fun I've had with my students... and how happy their parents are!"

- Elena R. - 3rd Grade Teacher


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